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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Standalone version of Nucleonica?

Some time ago we were contacted by the Federal Office of Radiation Protection in Germany (BfS). They were interested in a standalone version of Nucleonica for the following reason: They needed Nucleonica on a number of notebook computers for their field workers. These persons are active at border controls etc. and cannot be assured of an internet connection in the case of an emergency.

So for the above mentioned reasons we developed a Standalone version of Nucleonica. It is based on virtualisation technology (on the use of VMWare) and on the use of a virtual server. The whole package comes on a DVD. The program is then installed on the notebook computer and it works very well. It is also much faster the the internet version!

Because the version on the DVD is "frozen" it needs regular updates since we are making changes to Nucleonica on a daily basis. So every six months or so an update is required.

Email alert following forum post

(Qu.) When I make a new forum post, I would like to ensure that I get an email alert when someone replies to my post. How is this done?

(Ans.) This feature must be activated by the user as follows:

1) Login into the forum with your username and password

2) Click on the "General" link to go to the forum posts

3) At the top of the page you can see the options: "Notifications" "My Profile" "Settings" and "Log Out"

-> Click on "Settings"

4) In the navigation panel on the left hand side click on "General Setting" under My Settings - My Account

5) In the middle of the page you can see the section "Messaging & Notification"

There is a Dropdown menu saying "Default Thread Subscription Mode"

6) Change the DropDown to "instantly, by E-Mail"

7) Scroll down to the bottom of the page

8) click on "Save Changes"

Now you will receive an e-mail everytime someone replies to one of your threads.

See the Forum post on this subject.

How do I Reference Nucleonica in Scientific Publications?

See the wiki page on this subject... How do I Reference Nucleonica in Scientific Publications?

After selecting a nuclide in the Nuclide Explorer, I am having difficulties accessing the options - what's wrong?

(Qu.) When I click on for example Bi209 in the Nuclide Explorer with the right mouse button, there appears a list of possible options (Highlight daughters, show decay chain, etc.). When I click on one of these entries (for example Element Information) nothing happens - What's wrong?

(Ans.) All the entries in this list should work. You may have to "allow popups menus" in your browser (click near to the top of the page).

Why does the "back" button in the browser not work?

(Qu.) Sometime when I click on the "back" button in the browser, it does not take me to my previous page. What is the problem here?

(Ans.) Actually one should avoid using the back button. It is better to use the drop down menus (Applications, My Preferences, etc. ) to navigate to a particular page.

How do I find the polonium "Factfile" in Nucleonica?

(Qu.) I am trying to find information on poloniun-210 in Nucleonica. In particular I would like to find the po-210 "Factfile" - how do I find this information?

(Ans.) Just go to the wiki main page and enter polonium into the search engine - then press "search". The search engine will then return a list of links on the subject of polonium.

Alternativly, just click on the link below... http://www.nucleonica.com/wiki/index.php/ReadingRoom:Polonium-210

Many other interesting article can be found in the wiki ReadingRoom. This can be accessed from the wiki page by click on "Main" and then "ReadingRoom".

Why is there no context menu in Nuclide Explorer when I use Konqueror / Safari / Opera?

The context menu in Nuclide Explorer is a special feature for Internet Explorer and Firefox. All functionality is of course available through the standard menu.

I'm using Microsoft Excel. Why are the greek characters missing in the CSV file I downloaded?

The charset of the CSV file was not set correctly by Microsoft Excel. Do not open the CSV file directly but use the import functionality and choose Unicode as charset.

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