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Activity limits for unknown nuclides

Activity limits are given in the ADR table p. 224 for up to 382 nuclides.

For nuclides not mentioned in this table (so called unknown nuclides) activity limits are given in table p. 242. The given limits depend on the type of radiation emitted by the nuclide which can be a beta or gamma emitter, an alpha emitter (if more than 1 alpha per 1000 decays is emitted but no neutrons) or a neutron emitter. In Nucleonica the emitter type of each nuclide is determined and indicated in the eShip data grid as well as in the report e.g. β/γ.

If the activity limits are given in table, the emitter category is not relevant - this is then indicated by the value in parenthesis e.g. (β/γ).


ADR 2013: Volume I: Agreement and Protocol of Signature; Annex A: Parts 1 and 2, Part 3 (Chapters 3.1 and 3.2, Dangerous Goods List and Alphabetical Index)

See also the Nucleonica wiki on Activity Limits for Unknown Nuclides

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