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Level: Introductory


Invitation to join Nucleonica

Nucleonica - – is a first step resource in the nuclear sciences and provides you with user-friendly access to the latest reference data from internationally evaluated nuclear data. A unique feature is the wide range of validated web-based nuclear science applications. Nucleonica is already being used by thousands of scientists and students worldwide in over 90 countries

Nucleonica Homepage:

As a Nucleonica user you can:

• Keep informed with the latest news on nuclear issues

• Use internationally evaluated nuclear data in your work

• Have access to an extensive range of nuclear science applications (some modules require an annual subscription)

• Manage all your data in a single browser-based system and keep track of your recent activities

• Prepare a lecture or a training course with Nucleonica materials (graphics. etc.)

• Prepare publication quality scientific graphs

• Stay in contact with your colleagues from previous employment, workshops or conferences

• Meet scientists from your areas of interest and build up an international contact list and represent yourself and your Institute/Organisation in the international science community

Nucleonica offers you...

Data Centre Online interactive nuclide charts (based on decay modes, half-lives, binding energy, spin, partiy, etc.), reference data (datasheets, derived data, cross sections, spectral data, fission yields) and searchable databases for internationally evaluated nuclear data.

Application Centre The application modules include radioactive decay, dosimetry & shielding, fission yields, range & stopping power, reactor irradiation and nuclide depletion (with webKORIGEN), transport and packaging, library creation for spectroscopy, nuclide mixtures etc., with publication quality graphics. In addition, an advanced scripting language is available for user defined calculations and batch processing.

Knowledge Centre “wiki” technology in the NUCLEONICA knowledge centre is used for online Help, Articles, Weblinks, Forum, etc. The ease of operation makes the NucleonicaWiki an effective tool for adding/changing content – this allows the portal to grow organically and provide a powerful nuclear science collaboration platform for its users. The nuclear news aggregation service provides latest news and information on nuclear issues.

Networking centre Stay in contact with your colleagues from previous employment, workshops or conferences, meet scientists from your areas of interest and build up an international contact list, represent yourself and your Institute/Organisation in the international science community, organise your own meetings, workshops, conferences within Nucleonica – no need for your own webpage / webserver etc.

The Nucleonica portal provides a customisable, integrated environment and collaboration platform for the nuclear sciences using the latest internet “Web 2.0” technology. Nucleonica is aimed at professionals, academics and students working in the fields of nuclear power, health physics and radiation protection, nuclear and radiochemistry, and astrophysics. In addition, the portal will find application in the life sciences (e.g. biology, medicine, agriculture) and the earth sciences (geology, meteorology, environmental science). It is also used as a knowledge management tool to preserve nuclear knowledge built up over many decades by creating modern web-based versions of so-called legacy computer codes. The Nucleonica portal can also be accessed by a variety of mobile devices


The entire registartion process involves three steps: Registration, Change Login and Password, and Activate your Profile. To register with Nucleonica, please proceed as follows:

  • Go to the Nucleonica Homepage at In the left hand window panel, click on Free Access and Register as a Nucleonica User.
  • Read the end user's license agreement. Tick the checkbox to agree to the terms of the license agreement.
  • Fill out your details on the form and enter the automatically generated code. If you can't read the code please click on the image to generate a new access code.
Registration form

  • Submit the form by pressing the "Register" button. Access will be granted only to bona fide users. Anonymous users will not be granted access.

Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email with login and password. The login is just the email address you specified in the registration process. The password is an automatically generated combination of letters and numbers. Both of these can be changed after logging in to Nucleonica for the first time (see following section).

Change your Login and Password

To login to Nucleonica, go again to and enter your login and password in the top right of the homepage. This procedure will take you to the Nucleonica Networking (Start) Page shown.

Nuclonica Networking Page

Following first login, it is recommended that you change both your login and password in My Settings - shown in the right panel of the start Page. In the case shown below the login could be change to "johnsmith" and the password to "smith". This is easier for the user to remember.

Change Login and Password

Activate your Profile

To activate you profile, click on My Profile in the Start page (see the screenshot above) and then Edit.

Edit My Profile

It is essential to check the tick boxes adjacent to the fields which you would like to share with other users.

In the "Profile" tab, you can see the information which you have allowed other users to see.

Please also add a photo - this makes the community pages much more personal.

Finally, remember to save this information by pressing the button "Save my Profile".

Additional information (for example publications, interests etc.) can be added in the "Additional Fields" at the bottom of the page.

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