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Nucleonica has been endorsed by the SNETP www.snetp.eu

Nucleonica is a nuclear science internet portal (www.nucleonica.com) specialising in providing user-friendly access to the latest internationally evaluated nuclear data together with a range of validated, web-based nuclear science applications. The portal is aimed at professionals in the nuclear domain. In addition, it is also particularly suitable for education and training of young scientists, engineers and technicians. Our applications enable researchers and specialists to make complex and precise calculations in state-of-the-art fashion.

Nucleonica GmbH is a “spin-off” from the European Commission’s Institute for Transuranium Elements. The company started operations in early 2011 and is based in Karlsruhe, Germany. The company founder and CEO is Dr. Joseph Magill. The mission of Nucleonica is to become the leading interent resource in the nuclear sciences. The company also offers a range of introductory and advanced training courses in various areas of nuclear science.

In the field of nuclear knowledge management, Nucleonica is an innovative resource for knowledge creation and competence building for the worldwide nuclear science community Reference.

Nucleonica has recently been endorsed by the SNETP: ‘Nucleonica plays … an important role in making nuclear education more attractive and in building nuclear knowledge for a new generation of engineers and scientists’ Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (www.snetp.eu)

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